I signed up for the juNO 30 days challenge/game. I have been pretty busy with personal life, so haven’t had the chance to really post anything.

I decided to try this to see if it would help me get my sex drive back. I suppose I am a bit odd to be a follower of the blogs that I chose to follow on here.

Just a little background about myself because I have never posted anything before. I am a 32 year old white female from the midwestern United States. I also happen to work 50+ hours a week, and have an autistic 9 year old son.
When I was about 6 months pregnant, my sex drive stopped completely, and it took until two and a half years ago to even slightly show up again. So during those 7 years I didn’t want sex, didn’t masturbate, didn’t do anything. Then it slowly came back when I started talking to this one gentleman who is now one of my closest friends and was a play partner for about 2 years. Last summer I felt my sex drive diminishing again, but never had the courage to tell him.

Anyways, now I am here, I can not seem to get aroused by edging, but I have tried it three or more times each day. Then last night I had a play date with my friend, and he had me ride on a lubed up suction cup dildo while he played with my nipples and sucked on my ear. That seems to be the only way in which I get aroused anymore. The whole time he kept telling me that I couldn’t cum, which actually turned me on more, and really helped get me wet. Which did help for my edging last night. And this morning.

I tried to edge this afternoon when I left work but couldn’t get myself aroused at all and so I have up and will try again this evening in the bath.

Thank you for creating this game/challenge, I do hope that I haven’t already failed because of my being unaroused. I envy you women who are able to get there so easily.
Take care and hope to update soon.


Hi Xana, lovely to have you joining us. Thank you for being so honest about how hard you find edging.
I hope you can use JuNO as a chance just to explore it some more, without pressure, and see how you find it and hopefully get some encouragement.
The fact you’re getting mentally aroused is a great start, let’s hope your body follows.

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