Today, I tortured myself, i drove myself into a state I didnt think was possible. 

I edge for an hour every day, the number changes depending on mood and such, but its an hour, give or take, every day. 

And as I have given up my pussy, i either fuck my ass with my fingers, a dildo, or i ride a suction cup dildo with all my might,. 

I watch some hot porn while i edge, depending on my mood.

And I have a friend who gives me ideas and helps me, she helps me push myself further, deeper and harder and she it turns out is an evil fucking genius.

Her suggestion today sounded mean but not too evil. While edging,  place a fan on max between my legs and let it blow over my pussy. 

Holy fucking fuck. This was cruel beyond anything I could of imagined. The constant breeze brushing my pussy and wet clit, was beyond a torment. It turned me the fuck on. A fucking breeze on my pussy, turned me the fuck on, more than I could image. 

It teased, it tormented, it reminded me of what I have given up. I dont think I had ever been hornier at the end of it. Fuck, we are only half way through JuNO. I am a fucking wreck. 

Ingenious, and wicked. I love it!

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