JuNO 2018 journal 3

Omg my god. So the 7th was my turning point.

That night I listened to a bunch of hypnosis, two of them being cal’s curse and constant aching need curse, because I like to be mean to myself. So for those that don’t know cal’s curse makes it so I can’t cum with out permission I automatically ruin any and all orgasm I have. And constant aching need curse, curses me to constantly achingly need sex so I am super fucking horny.

I was so horny I woke up in the middle of the night and edged a bunch and even ruined twice, they were the worst.

And then the best thing happen on the 8th. A fellow denial slut who is also under cal’s curse came to me begging to cum. And you know what Tumblr? I am a mean mean bitch because I said no. And it made me so horny when she begged so much and called me mean. It got me so hot that then it was my turn to beg to cum, nothing made me so horny as when she turn that no right back on me. So for the past two days we have been telling each no and taunting each other.

I spent most of Friday edging so much that I broke my vibrator wand, it kind of works if I hold it just right – this has lead to another 2 ruins.

Today (9th) has been a little calmer, I am still super fucking horny and my denial buddy has been awesome.

Edges: 29

Orgasms:10 (remember this includes ruins)

I think now I need to calm down more and work on making edge part of my every life. And maybe pull back on even ruined orgasms.

Loving the hot, mean, cooperation!

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