June 12 Update

Oh. This is new. I accidentally ruined yesterday. Like, really really ruined. Completely stoped all movement as soon as I could tell I was going over, which was before the orgasm even actually started. It was the most ruined orgasm I’ve ever had.

But any kind of orgasm usually kills all my arousal. For at least a few days if not longer. But something about how I didn’t get any pleasure from it, and my calm acceptance, and knowing that JuNO is far from over has me tingling.

It feels like my lower half is buzzing. My clit and everything around it, and more than that, all the way up into my belly, is tight and warm and just. I want to masturbate. I don’t have time though this morning, and I think I might keep myself on no touch today to make sure I recover.

But I’m really proud to say that for the first time, I ruined an orgasm without ruining my denial.

Brilliant, well done!

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