Journal #2, Day 6

I have to admit I’ve really fallen down on the edges this week. In fact I haven’t edge in four day since Friday.

I’ve been busy and stressed about schoolwork, and I get sex averse when I’m stressed.

But I woke up this morning knowing that I had 5 more edges that were due by tonight. So at set aside some time today to scroll through tumblr and see if I could jump start my libido through my pussy.

I did one edge and it was a little weird. I was kinda turned on, I played with myself and it felt good, but my brain felt kinda disconnected. Like, I was doing it, and it was fine, but a piece of chocolate would have been at least as good.

So I put the phone down, got some work done. A few hours later I picked it up and started scrolling again. This time, as I was looking at happy tortured women, my brain finally started to kick in and get on board with the whole arousal thing. I soft edged for a good long while after that. I sat on a blanket scrunched up between my legs and gently humped it.

I took a short break to calm down and go to the bathroom (which always helps taking me down an arousal notch or two). Finally I was feeling really properly horny and into it. When I was finished, I leaned against the bathroom wall with my capris and panties pulled down and played with myself more, bringing myself to a nice hard edge. Slowly beginning to feel the desperation take over my body again.

This is why I’m so happy about mandatory minimum edges. Without this deadline I probably would have just stopped masturbating and edging at all for a couple weeks. But now I’m back into it, feeling happy and horny.

I still have two left before the end of the night, but with my libido jump started back into action I’m looking forward to them.

Great job! Thank you for being so open about it and pushing through to get the benefits.

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