I just felt the longest edge I’ve ever been on. I still feel my heart pounding.
It started rather tame with just idly rubbing my clit while doing some casual mobile games, then I put the Hitachi on my cunt, still not really edging, staying rather distracted.
But at some point I couldn’t resist any longer, opened up the Tumblr app and scrolled through my dashboard while pressing the vibrating knob against my clit. I felt the orgasm coming closer and closer, but I could stop…. I was already bargaining if I would fail my commitment to #juNO30days, but at the very last moment, I switched the Vibrator off, while still pressing it against my pussy. I needed to stay completely still, I knew just one wrong move would send my downhill, so I just waited, my pussy twitching, throbbing. It felt like hours, but it was roughly a full minute, while I felt myself balancing, swaying back and forth on the edge.
It was bliss…. Hopefully I will learn to get there WAY more often.

Good Girl!

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