And after waking up I have approximately two hours two edge my brains out. The task for today is copycat edging and I decided to give this task and little turn because I realized a new pattern in what I’m searching for in porn at the moment.
Usually while edging I’m chatting, either RP or just dirty talking, or I’m scrolling through my dashboard.
While doing the latter it seems I’m more and more gravitating towards blowjobs. I’ve always been a Cumslut but the idea of endlessly sucking cock and being coated in cum strangely turns me on more and more.

So for my task I will plug my mouth in an attempt to copy all the blowjob gifs while edging my poor denied pussy.

Edging and Denial really brings out my submissive side.

Yummy, so hot Jessy, thank you for sharing.

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