“Not yet, girl.”

I will suffer. You will deny me, and I will nod in obedience, but I will be suffering. I’ll tighten all my muscles, hold my breath, clench my eyes shut, and bite my lip so hard that I nearly draw blood – anything to stop from cumming without permission. Anything to stop the intense waves of pleasure from giving me the release I so desperately want and need. 

But I need the suffering more than I need the orgasm. I need you to tell me no. I need to feel your power manifest in extreme sexual frustration, and I want to writhe, beg, and cry to no avail. It is a form of masochism, this need to experience the anguish of denied orgasms. It’s painful, but it’s crucial to my existence as a submissive. I can’t feel owned without denial; I don’t want to be owned without denial. I want to give my pussy and its pleasure away, completely surrender it to your will. I want to ask for every orgasm, whimper out a little, “May I cum, Daddy?“ every single time I’m on the edge. It is essential. It is my place.

Let’s not minimize my love of orgasms. Oh, I’m going to love clenching and cumming around your cock, on your tongue, and all over your fingers. I’m going to love touching myself for you, spreading my legs and putting on a show. But part of what makes all of those orgasms enjoyable is that you let me have them. I don’t beg for them so that I can experience a purely selfish pleasure; I beg for them because they’re only worth having if you say yes. You own them. They’re yours. The very sound I make when I cum will be branded with your initials.

And when I cum, I will cum so fucking hard, all because you said yes.

Everything just feels better when you have permission. 

This is exactly what I feel. It’s incredible to read something and just agree to all of it – like it came from the bottom of your own soul. But it didn’t. Someone else feels the same.

Holy moly. YEs This is exactly me.

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