Hi B, really good question, quick answer as I’m just off to make dinner!

Don’t try to get too close before you cum. If you edge lots after this long a denial you’re more likely to have it fizzle out or go too far and it all go weird.

What you want is a nice linear path right up to orgasm, with a bit of holding on to the edge before you let yourself go over, but don’t over do it, and then just go for it. If you can, be vocal, cum, and cum hard.

It’s quite common for the first one to be a bit weak as your body just isn’t used to being allowed to go over, so if it’s great, or not, just go for at least a second one because they are often even better than the first.

If you’re not used to multiple orgasms, just give yourself one or two minutes break or just very gently rubbing after you cum the first time, and then go for it again, hard, and faster than ever!

Let us know how you get on,


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