I love fantasies like this, thank you for sharing! What a great mix, corsets, steel hooped dresses and denial.

Imagine your husband, going through your clothing, removing all your underwear. ‘I want you naked under your dresses darling, you’re my wife now, no arguing.’

Your maid would be tasked with keeping you ready for him, before she cinches you into your corset she’d have you lie back and lick you right to the edge, rubbing herself, cumming – servants didn’t have the restrictions a lady like you did. She promised to keep the secrets you told her, but you were sure she told him everything, at least you hoped she did.

Before binding you in tight for the rest of the day.

As your arousal grew it would run down to soak your stockings, or all the way to your shoes if he wanted you in just those. And oh my god the shoes, the highest you could handle, always wary of toppling over, your nakedness and arousal on show to all as you like there, helpless like a turtle on it’s back, your prim and proper facade destroyed forever.

‘Guaranteed to stop her touching where only you, her husband should’

And then finally at night, sometimes he’d keep you in the dress, lie you at the end of the bed, so it hid you like a screen, all you could focus on was feeling his long hard cock sliding so easily into you, your arousal lubing any hole he desired.

Fucking you, cumming inside you, teasing you, never enough to let you cum, until he gently undressed you, and tied your hands to the top of the four poster bed you shared, finally naked, but still unable to relieve your aching desperation.

Share your fantasies! See what I do with them!

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