james, long time reader of your blog, i just unfollow sometimes bc i’m scared someone will see you on my dash when looking over my shoulder or something, but anyway, i have always avoided the wheel bc i am so scared of what i’ll get, but i’ve decided for the first time in so long to spin, and the first thing i get is no touch, watch porn for 30 min. i am already so twitchy and don’t know how i’m gonna make the 30 min but i’m more worried ab the 30 min after until my next spin! wish me luck! -cam

also, for an added twist, i added clothes pins on my nipples and wrote slut on my breasts in lipstick, and i was dripping so badly by the time i finished writing it.

one more update, it has been an hour, and on my next spin, i had to get on the floor, spin again and got 5 snaps on each nipple and clit, which i had never done before and it hurt bad but i LOVED it, and then spin again and i got ONE edge. this is what i was always scared of.

Well soon there won’t be any of those nasty nipples that are apparently so scary, so you can continue to follow in peace!

Amazing work, well done Cam!

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