Hi Eliza!

It can really vary, sometimes it does mean you’re super sensitive, other times it just feels really good and it’s nothing to worry about. So just give it a go at first, and try to just do ‘soft edges’ to begin, never getting yourself close enough to cum. That’s a mind fuck all by itself.

Once you do get close remember the key to not going over is your breathing, keeping it slow and steady, never taking too big a breath. Breathe in the pleasure from your body, and breathe it out. 

Most times you cum you’re probably actually holding your breath (not mouth puffed out style but deep breath in and throat closed, just think about it) so if you keep your breathing slow, steady and never completely fill your chest it’s actually really, really hard to cum!

Yes, this is a protip for any of you who struggle with going over by accident too!

Give it a go, let us know how you get on.

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