Okay, firstly thank you so much for this. I really do take feedback like this seriously. And of course the issue of consent is always paramount, and I’m genuinely aware of the impact I can have on those I’m domming or denying and take that responsibility absolutely seriously (to the extent that despite being begged for months to dabble in hypnotism I’m not even prepared to try it until I’ve studied it thoroughly).

Although I’ll probably not be putting more words in David Tennant’s mouth now you’ve brought it to my attention (you did ask so nicely after all), to my mind, the big, huge hulk-sized hole in your comment is what happens in the show is based on someone having, superpowers. So yes, the show deals, extraordinarily in my opinion, with the issues of abuse and victim survival but, all of that is on the foundation of him being a supervillan with supernatural powers. In my opinion that’s enough of a disconnect with reality that I’m not going to be losing any sleep about parodying it. 

However perhaps I’m just being an insensitive dick, please feel free to tell me. I am almost impossible to offend (much to some people’s annoyance).

I actually think the mind control aspect of denial is one of the most fascinating parts. Who do we become when we get so incredibly horny, is that the same person we are at other times, what happens if those two sides  ‘make peace’ and a state of elevated arousal and subsequent openness become our default mode? In my experience it can be truly life changing.

But this kink also ventures into the area of consent.  If I, with words alone, can make you do something you didn’t want to, has it become non consensual, or have I just changed your mind? If I get you horny enough that you’re open to things you normally aren’t, is that simply ‘peeling back your layers’ or am I taking advantage in the same way plying you with booze or drugs might be. I don’t know, and I do worry about this shit!

So there you go, who’d have thought a quick caption on a superhero comic tv adaptation would have got me pondering such profound matters.

Love you too!

PS When I do master hypnotism you’re all going to be the first wave in my plans to deny the whole world, just warning you now.

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