Okay folks, let’s say something important again.

This is not a competition.

Yes it’s hot to think about, and even try long periods of denial, but there’s no shame in calling it quits when things aren’t working.

Just cum already!

We LIKE orgasms here, in fact a big reason to enjoy tease and denial is because your orgasms get even bigger and better. It’s just that most of the time, genuinely, not cumming is even hotter and makes you feel even better.

But when that isn’t happening, when you can’t sleep, or your body/mind is clearly sending you signals that you’ve had enough,


One of the wonderful things about denial is it constantly changes. Sometimes it gives you highs, sometimes it’s easy, sometimes it’s really hard and a wonderful test of self-control. You never know quite how it’s going to work this time around so it’s constantly surprising and interesting.

But that also means you need to be flexible too. Trust your body, don’t soldier on if it’s stopped being fun or helpful. Just cum, and enjoy cumming, no guilt, no disappointment, you did great. Now have a little break, and then start it up again. This shit is addictive, in the best possible way. Soon enough you’ll start craving that denial high again, don’t you worry. So mix it up to fix it up. 


PS Okay sometimes it’s a competition, and that’s super hot when it is, especially when doing it against someone else, but that’s the exception, not the rule. And sometimes it’s a punishment and if you’re into that then suck it up and push through the pain, that’s the point. But mostly, denial is about fun and positive impacts, so if it isn’t giving you that, just cum already!

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