A day’s no touching for each failure. To be taken every other day, with four edges to be taken daily in the intervening days. A failure on those days will add another day’s no touch.

First day of no touch is very strict. Two pairs of panties, no stimulation allowed at all. You are to watch at least an hour of pornography. Tumblr doesn’t count.

Second day you may spend a total of 20 minutes grinding your mound against the edge of the mattress, with panties on. But no more. You may play with your breasts as much as you want. If you have a butt plug, wear it whenever possible.

Third day of no touch you are to insert a dildo the night before (if you have one) and remain that way for as long as you can (use common sense if it needs to come out). If you manage the whole night you get 100 strokes before removal. No panties the rest of the day, but absolutely no touching.

If you add more no touch days through failing, repeat that cycle.

So yes, you’ll either learn to edge without cumming, or you’ll keep this going until you do.

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