Yes, sure, here’s a challenge just for you:

Go through my blog.

Find some tasks.


Then come back to me with this message like this instead. ‘Hey, I tried a load of the tasks you’ve come up with already on your blog. I’ve spent a night stuffed, I’ve managed to go a week without cumming, and I got my best friend into it too! I love this so much. Is there any chance you might come up with something for my specific situation which is…

Prove you’ve learnt some self control FIRST. Then I might actually be motivated to spend my time coming up with something for you.

Preach it, Frank (you murdering scumbag).

Here’s some advice for all those sucked into today’s culture of entitlement. Escape! If you want to stand out and succeed, cut that shit out. Show you are prepared to work hard, demonstrate you’ve developed self-discipline, go into situations with the desire to see what you can do for them, instead of what they can do for you. THEN you’ll start to be really interesting to those who actually matter.

Rant over.

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