Oh this is lovely. For those that don’t know, ben wa or ‘jiggle balls’ are the class of toy designed to be inserted in your pussy to excite you and also they are used to help encourage ‘kegel’ exercises that keep your pelvic floor muscles strong (useful for 1. not peeing by accident, 2. squeezing a guy’s cock when inside you).

The ‘jiggle’ part comes from the fact lots of them are hollow and have a second metal ball inside them which rolls around and so gently vibrates every time you move.

In terms of ideas for incorporating them. First thing I’d suggest is some reward system where you have to wear them all day if you’re to be allowed to edge that evening.

Using them in daring situations is fun. That might be a party, with friends or family, at the gym is brilliant, and while going for a run is seriously hardcore.

Lastly depending on the type you have you can use them as a kind of dildo, so experiment with fucking yourself with them as you edge and when you do cum, pull them out just after you go over the edge.

They’re pretty awesome. But there’s things to be aware when buying some.

They are probably going to spend quite a lot of time inside you so buying a nice silicon one is worthwhile if you can afford it. Lots of them are now, but that gives you a super smooth soft surface that is very hypoallergenic which is ideal really.

The cheap ones, and you can get them from about $8, are connected by a string. Now, this is fine for occasional use or trying them out I guess. But I think having a string rather than a sealed silicon connector is simply not a hygenic option. You can’t clean it well and as much as I love stuffing you, my wonderful denial sluts, we want your pussies dripping for the right reasons. Not because you got some nasty infection. So yeah, avoid the string ones apart from for just trying out a cheap set and occasional use, and make sure to clean it super well.

Check out Lovehoney.com’s Jiggle Ball selections

For just a couple of dollars more you can get the ones below which have a solid connector rather than string – definitely worth it.

While for about $30 you can get a silicon set like this (plus the balls come out both for washing and it can be interesting to just try the balls ‘loose’ if your muscles are good enough.

Remember you can’t lose things up your vagina! It’s not deep enough and you can always squeeze it out with patience. However nothing should go up your bottom unless it’s designed to not get pulled in, or you’ll be having a very embarrassing day.

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