I’m sorry you feel that way. But do appreciate you letting me know how you feel.

Sometimes there’s going to be things on a blog that you don’t like, no one’s the same.

I even made sure I built in a little bit of consent into the caption, but the reality is survey’s show that non-consensual sex remains one of the top fantasies women indulge in again, and again

And that’s what it is, a fantasy, it’s not really about the act itself, it’s classically interpreted as just the only way that some women can feel it’s okay to indulge in the no holds barred sex they desire, when it’s done to them.

I wrote it because I know that lots of my followers will love it and can I just take the opportunity to say to any of my followers, if you DO get off to rape or near rape fantasies, it’s TOTALLY normal and you are never to worry about it again! It doesn’t mean you want it in real life, not at all, it’s a horrific and terrible thing. It just means you’re a kinky little bitch who lets her mind roam where it fancies it sometimes as a fantasy, and that’s good.

Sorry to see you go, anon, but thanks for the goodbye. And thanks to the reblogger who wanted her fantasy to be ten days of the scenario… different strokes, different folks.


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