Six months, that’s amazing, well done!

Yes, you can cum. Good girl! I’m very proud of you.

(gasps from the crowd)

Remember, after a really long period of denial, your body can get quite confused by it all. Ironically, the first orgasm can be really weak, or even a kind of semi ruin if you’ve been ruining a lot. On the other hand it can be incredible, so enjoy it if it is, and don’t worry about it if not.

Sometimes of course a mean dom can use that against you, let you have just one orgasm, and then back on denial. Maybe even mention in your ear how happy it would make him for you to ruin it.

But we’re not going to do any of that for you. I want you to cum, and cum hard, and lots. You’ve earned it. Really build up to it though, don’t just rush into it. Have a celebration, tease and edge knowing this time you can cum. Dress up or down in whatever makes you feel sexy. Then really make yourself edge so hard, this time knowing you can go over, but holding back to enjoy the moment even more.

And then cum, try being vocal, it makes it even better. And then give it a minute to lose some of the super sensitivity, and cum again for me, and then again, see how many times you can do it until you can’t handle any more.

Then I want six more days of cumming every time you masturbate, no extended edging allowed. Think about all those girls in denial as you cum.

Think about how it’ll soon be you again.

And when the week’s up, come tell us how it’s been, and find out how long you’ll be denied next time.

Good girl.


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