Okay, so here’s the danger with no touch, especially with girls. With a guy, you can put his cock in a cage and do very little else and his little testosterone factory will be driving him nuts every day without much added stimulation.

With your wonderfully more complex bodies, however, you may find that this happens, that ‘no touch’ makes you hornier than a box of rabbits. But, it’s also quite likely that you’ll find your libido drops and you just enter a pretty low arousal zone that’s not much fun at all.

This is the difference between chastity and denial. Denial does include some no touch periods, but only as a punishment or when you’re so fucking horny you don’t need to touch any more to stay aroused.

Just this morning I had a message saying, “There’s no build up anymore I just constantly feel ready to cum” and that’s great (and not a universal denial experience). But even that will fade after a day or two of no touch.

So, by all means try going on no touch till 1st January for example. But I’d recommend you try to add stimulation like crotch ropes (amazing with no touch), occasional grinding, and being stuffed, day or overnight.

And let us know how you get on!

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