Okay, let’s address your worry about ‘weird stuff making you feel weird and insecure around people’ first, because my experience tells me you’ll discover the complete opposite. When you begin to explore your unique kinks and more importantly, discover how amazing your body and mind can be, I find it gives you more confidence in yourself and around other people. Not that it’s something public, no in fact it’s enjoying the secret, sexy, fun side of you which they don’t know about that makes that difference.

In fact often with women who ask me to deny them, they’ll relate experiences after a few weeks where friends ask them ‘what’s changed about you’. A tricky one to answer as, ‘this guy is making me edge all day and the fucker won’t let me cum’ isn’t an entirely socially acceptable answer.

So in my experience you ‘knowing yourself’ better will actually make you more confident around others. So get engaging with your kinks, get advice from those who have more experience (which you’re doing), and stop wondering and start finding out for yourself!

So then, to denying yourself. What have you go to lose? You’re over thinking this. Just try it. Try having one masturbation session where you simply don’t cum. Like that? Good, try two. Then try staying longer on the edge. Can’t take any more? Fine, have an orgasm and start again. Then do a whole day, edging at least four times, without cumming, and enjoy a crazy horny night where you discover you’ve fallen in love with it, and then decide not to cum the next day either… and then, welcome to being a denial slut.

Finally, if you want some support and to feel you’re doing it for someone else, message me! I’m a busy guy but I’ll do my best to respond and help. (And if you want to do it anonymously set up a secondary blog and message from that, but either way I will treat anything you say in the strictest confidence).

tl:dr: Just try it already!

Source: http://lauraillustrates.tumblr.com/ (cute although I have no idea why it’s a bee…)

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