Just keep hoping. Hope is the essence of denial. Personally, I’m not a big believer in ‘You won’t be cumming until INSERT DISTANT TIME’. I mean do i do it, although I make it clear I may change my mind. You’ve got to have a reason to beg and think  I might just say ‘yes’, don’t you.

And if I have ruled out cumming completely, well then that’s why I teach you little denial sluts what a ruined orgasm is for. Because after a while, you’ll be begging even for one of those awful, gut-wrenching, evil ruins. 

And then I get the pleasure of denying you those as well.

As for you, little slut, keep grinding on that slimey rope. You’re allowed to touch once a day if you’ve worn the rope for 8 hours minimum, otherwise you’re only allowed to grind your desperate little cunt against the furniture.

Let’s see how you’re doing by Friday.

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