Probably not. A ruin tends to be a very frustrating experience where you want nothing more than to rub to make it feel good but don’t and so feel all that pleasure wasted.

Orgasms are complex things though and when edging sometimes it can lead to your mind and body not really knowing what’s going on and so giving you new and wonderful sensations. Sometimes what you’ve described is called a ‘full body orgasm’ and it’s one of the goals of things like tantric sex that I was just recently writing about!

They are a blessing and a curse, because now you’ve going to be edging your brains out trying to have one again, and they are rather elusive. The usual key to them is being completely relaxed, body and mind.

Oh dear Luna, you didn’t have a ruined orgasm, but you may have just ruined all your orgasms.

Best to just edge in the future, don’t you think?


James xx

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