Awww, poor you, I bet your horniness is killing you. But congrats on the month of denial, that’s actually really impressive! Today I’m denied for exactly 31 days, so I think we’re kind of denial buddies now 🙂 And, well, denial buddies only cum when the other one does too… So, no, you can’t cum.

But, I have good news too! If you read the post below you will notice that you can actually have a ruined orgasm. James has an amazing guide on how to ruin an orgasm, and he has a page full of posts about ruined orgasms. I hope you have fun with it. Just a last tip, try to enjoy it. James probably won’t let me cum for another 3 weeks, and since we’re denial buddies now you can’t cum either. I promise to post it immediately if he lets me cum, so that you can finally have that wonderful release. Until then, just keep edging. Good girl.

When are you horny little fuckers going to learn that asking Diva if you can cum is like asking a cop for a blow job. Very very unlikely, and probably going to get you into even more trouble.
But then,that’s why you ask, isn’t it…

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