Well that’s a lovely little trick. An even more aggressive version can be achieved with a crotch rope, over, or instead of panties! You should try it out:


As for creative suggestions for your bf coming home. I think just normal edging will do the job to get you horny and wet. What I’d suggest though is really old school – dress up for him coming back. Totally go for it, lingerie, cute outfit, hair, make up (you really do need to make that much effort for most of us guys to notice – I apologise for our sex, we’re hard work).

Dress up as though you were going out, but just to stay in, with him. He’ll absolutely love it.

Panties are very optional if you’re wearing a dress – whisper in his ear (ideally in front of others so only he hears) ‘I missed you so much, feel between my legs for the proof, I’m not wearing any panties by the way’.

Also, use text or messaging to build up ‘I’m so hot at the thought of you getting home’, ‘I can’t wait to [insert favourite sex act here]’, ‘I just soaked a pair of panties thinking about you getting home’, ‘OMG I’m so horny, when are you home, I need you in me’ etc etc

Have fun!


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