Bad girl, no cumming without permission! I thought I’d made myself clear. If you want to be a denial slut you’re going to have to do better.

Now take a nice little pair of panties and for you punishment, slowly push them into your disobedient little cunt, just like this:

Then leave them in there while you edge, if you cum they stay in all night. Otherwise, slowly pull them out and then put them on, yeah, wear them you messy little slut, and no touching for the rest of the day.

Then, because you came TWICE, this evening get four clothes pegs, and put one on each nipple, and one on each outer labia. You’re to edge four times, yu can take one peg off with each edge. If you cum, you stop, wait a few hours, and put all four back on and start again, until you learn some self control.

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