I’ve always enjoyed denial more as an idea than an executed action. It just makes me unable to complete my work and I come far too soon, always. And there are a lot of days where I’m more of a denial bitch. I found a way! I’ve been reading tons of porn for years. And getting of 5-10 times most days. I’ve limited myself to just the porn. No touches at all, no nipple play, no nothing, since I came im the morning of the 23rd. I am constantly buzzing with arousal. It’s awesome. I can push it (1/?)

push it away if I need to, but whenever I have a second of calm, my private’s just feel all heavy with the blood flow. 

I’m itching to touch myself, i can barely lie in bed without my hands drifting down. I planned to keep this up until 6pm in 24th, since that’s just before our Christmas dinner. Well, i drifted off and touched my ass, just a second, but that’s 7pm now. Which, coincidentally, is when the dinner and the like start, so I’m basically now only going to be able to touch myself, this might around 9 or 10pm. 

I will die. I love it. 

I feel like i might explode if I touch myself. So, 10/10, can recommend. I haven’t come in just about two days, but fuck, if you’re used to so many orgasms a day, missing that is so hot. I love it. 

Merry Christmas in case you celebrate and a great day either way, 

The No-Toucher 

Thank you! What a wonderful example of how you can find your own way of edging and denial to give you all the benefits, well done!

Merry Christmas to you too, we definitely celebrate it in a BIG way here.


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