So like, does anyone know if we’ll be invisible to our followers all together? Like I don’t want to leave Tumblr, but if we’re locked in separate air tight compartments the fun sort of dissipates with the oxygen levels starts decreasing. 
Have anyone figured a plan for restoring and staying SFW, is what I’m really asking. I think. Too tired to research myself, and you guys are here right in front of me. 😀

No, currently the T&Cs are it will just hide any posts that show, in an image, genitals, sex, or women’s nipples. Otherwise, no change apart from the actual possible bonus of safe search being removed!

You’ll still be able to see them in your own dashboard, have a look at it now and you’ll see the ones that have been flagged, those are the ones that won’t appear.

For me Tumblr’s future usability all depends on if tags and search start working again.

And them actually be consistent with this and not making up more rules to kill our blogs, which is more than likely.

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