Hey Lana, nice to hear from you again.

However…not wanting to be too preachy but I’m not sure random hook ups are my recommended way of edging. As hot as it sounds, if you’re actually ploughing through guys at that rate you’re going to hit some real assholes at some point soon, and being that horny and edged does not put you in a great frame of mind to handle situations like that.

I know that’s a bit of a downer, but I do just want to make sure you’re keeping safe and sane with this stuff. You’ve seen the power denial can have in terms of affecting your mental state, and that can be incredible and positive and liberating. but using it to put yourself in the situation where strangers are effectively wanking off in your asshole isn’t a great plan.

I would suggest, you take a little break, cum a bit, just clear your head and think through is that absolutely what you’re wanting to do. Think about finding a FWB or a denial buddy that you can do this kind of thing more safely with, or just buy a suction cup dildo and edge your brains out on that for a bit.

If you do decide to continue with this though, please be careful, follow all the  rules about someone you trust knowing where you are, and for the love of god use condoms, every single time. Okay?

If you want to talk it through, just message me, we can chat it through in more detail.



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