So a recurring theme of asks on this blog has been my lovely followers asking about motivation and help to be denied. So for this ‘cyber week’ I’m making you an offer, use Tumblr’s new messaging system to ask for my assistance and advice with your particular denial needs and I will see how I can help.

So if you’re one of those girls who gets so turned on by everything you read here, but haven’t tried it, or even has, but has failed because you had no one to direct you, then here’s your chance. Stop fantasising about it, and experience the reality. (If your pussy has started clenching or getting wet reading this already, then this means you).

While I love anonymous questions that are helpful to everyone when I reply, if you want some simple motivation and help trying orgasm denial, there’s nothing quite like having someone with experience to advice you and be accountable to, directly.

A number of you have already cottoned onto this idea and having messaged me now sit happily with your wet little cunts denied, aching and under my control. Well I thought I’d extend that offer to all my wonderful followers and see what happens.

A few caveats though. I’m a busy guy and as far as I’m aware the messaging system has no indication of if someone’s around – so if i don’t answer straight away I’m not ignoring you, I’m just not here.

Secondly, be engaging. I already get a lot of messages, try hard to be the one that stands out by being responsive and telling me about yourself and not making me drag every single fact out of you with a question. Please don’t make me work too hard to get answers out of you or it’s really slow going. Try not to be nervous, but decide to be excited about it instead. (Edging yourself before you message will help, seriously and yeah, it’s super hot too, and yes, I’m going to make you tell me you just did, and yes I’ll probably make you touch yourself as we chat, and no, you wont’ be cumming).

Thirdly, don’t expect too much at first. I can’t promise more than some initial advice and giving you someone to be accountable to as you try denial, but as those who I take on as my full time denial slut subs will tell you, it all starts there. And even that interaction and accountability make a huge difference.

So, is this for you? Want to give it a go? If so, follow these steps:

  1. Slip your hand down between your legs and rub your clit and decide if you seriously want to give control of it to a (very hot) complete stranger, if yes..
  2. Edge for me. Rub that clit and fuck your pussy until every fibre of your being screams for an orgasm. Keep yourself there for at least two minutes, or as long as you can cope with, and then stop. No cumming. If you can do this, you have the self control to be denied. Next step…
  3. Spread your legs, and no more touching apart from playing with your nipples if you have to. I want your aching cunt throbbing while you write your introductory message to me.
  4. Write me a message using the new Tumblr messaging function (or use the submit function if you don’t have access, but it can’t be anonymous, I’m not going to reply to anons in the blog on this, sorry. You CAN make your messages anonymous by opening a secondary blog but I promise to keep anything you say completely confidential, forever, however you contact me.)
  5. Use that first message to tell me about yourself:
    Name (pseudonyms are perfectly acceptable), age, location, yes, but I want more, what do you do, what excites you, what makes you interesting, why do you love my blog, why do you want to be denied, what experience have you got, of denial, sex, submission (none of any of them is perfectly fine).
    The MORE I KNOW about you the more I can give you tasks and instructions that will be good for you, excite you and give you a great denial experience. So tell me what turns you on, tease me with a photo, or a story of how you got into this and finally why you want me to deny you. Any mix of these things will be fabulous. 
    Daunting? Yeah, probably, but it’ll be worth the effort.

Either way, I promise to respond to messages as soon as I can, and we’ll see just what comes (or in most cases, doesn’t cum) of this crazy idea!

And if you write, you’re not to touch yourself until you hear back from me. The next time you masturbate will be because I tell you to, only nipples and pussy grinding if you’re desperate till then, just to keep you horny.

Good girl.

I look forward to hearing from you.


PS With thousands of followers this potentially might get overwhelming, so I reserve the right to pull the plug on it at any time, in other words, you want this, get on to it fast or you might miss out.

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