Hi Belle! Lovely to hear from you.

Sounds very wise, denial should definitely be put on the backburner if work needs extra focus or you’re poorly. It’s supposed to enhance the rest of your life, not diminish it.

There really isn’t anything to be ashamed about though sweetie, you were taking a break from denial, and so you can cum as much as you want. Remember, orgasms are good, we love orgasms, we just like the impact of denial and edging even more!

So, no punishment, but in terms of getting back into edging. Set yourself a target of three days – if you manage three edges a day at least and don’t go over you get the reward of a ruined orgasm the third night. That’ll only make you hornier, which sets you up well for a seven day stint where you get to flip a coin on the last day, to see if you cum, or continue.

That should set you up nicely! Let us know how you get on.


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