It’s been 6 months since I last came, so I am so fucking horny. Lately when I need a go to fantasy to get right to the edge quickly this is what my brain thinks of.

I’m out one night, at a coffee shop or a bar, somewhere a decent amount of people are gathered. I don’t really go out often, so as per usual I’m feeling just a little uncomfortable and out of place, but I’m trying to get used to stepping out of my comfort zone.

I’m hugging a cup close to me, I don’t know anyone there so I’m not really sure who I’m supposed to talk to or how to interject myself into other conversations. But as luck would have it, this cute guy walks up to me and begins talking to me. He had noticed me when I came in, and he noticed that I wasn’t there with anyone so he said he was hoping he could keep me company so I wouldn’t be alone in a crowded room.

We talked for some time, getting to know each other a bit, and before I know it the place we are at is closing. It’s 2 in the morning, there aren’t any busses running for the night, so I don’t have a way to get home because I live on the outskirts of the city. The guy I spent the night talking to offers to drive me, and normally I don’t take rides from strangers but it’s winter and I know I won’t be able to walk home without freezing.

When we get to my apartment, he insists on making sure I make it into the apartment so he walks me to the door. I don’t think much of it, I’m that way with my friends so maybe he just wants to know that I’m not likely to slip on ice while walking up the stairs on the outside of the building. Only, when we get to the door and I unlock it, I turn to say goodbye with the door half open when he shoves me inside the house. Before I know what’s happening I’m shoved up against the now closed front door, and this guys hands are all over my clothed body.

I try to push him away, but he is stronger than me. Within no time at all he’s torn my clothes off, my jeans are around my ankles and I’m completely naked in front of him. His hands are roaming, caressing my hips and his fingers drifting up to play with my nipples. He comments on how my nipples are so hard already, and then he’s picking me up and making me wrap my legs around his waist, my jeans now with the rest of my clothes by the front door.

I don’t notice him walking me through the apartment and to my bedroom, because he is forcing a kiss on me that is heating up quickly. I do notice when he throws me on the bed though, and I’m left panting in surprise and need because he is taking complete control over me right now and it’s making me drip.

He’s staring down at me laying in the bed, and I know when he notices the wrist and ankle cuffs attached to my bed because he smirks and calls me a kinky little bitch. I naively believe that he’s just amused but is planning on just fucking me and getting it over with. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Within moments he’s forcing my wrists into the cuffs, and my arms around pinned over my head and spread to the top corners of my bed. I gulp because I know I have no way of fighting back now. My ankles are next, and then he’s up from the bed and searching around the room. He finds my gag, blindfold, nipple pumps, vibe, dildo, and feathers.

I’m unable to stop him as he gags and blindfolds me, so I don’t know what is going to happen now and I can’t call for help. I expect that he is still planning to fuck me quickly, but I’m surprised to feel a feather brushing along my side. I try and squirm away to no avail, and a second feather circles a nipple, forcing a bark of laughter behind the gag.

A few minutes of this treatment and it dawns on me that I’m about to experience hell. I try and scream and beg him to stop, but the gag is tight and the ball is too large to make out any understandable words through. The tickling feathers roam all over my body for what seems like hours, tears cling to my cheeks and soak the blindfold over my eyes, my breath coming out in pants from laughing and sqeauling and struggling to break free of my bonds.

It takes a few moments to realize the feathers are gone, but feeling my vibe pressing against my clit at half power snaps me back to attention, and a load moan sounds behind the gag. I didn’t think I would be turned on at all, being forced into this situation by a stranger, but I’m wet quickly and I’m struggling to hump up against the vibe, craving more. My dildo is shoved quickly into my pussy out of nowhere, and I gasp in surprise before renewing a struggle against my bonds as he begins to fuck me with the dildo. The vibe is pressing against my clit and the dildo is fucking me, it feels so heavenly and I feel my orgasm building, building, my hips are straining to buck up and into the thrusting dildo. My hands are clenched, my breathing is ragged, I feel it closer and closer, almost there, I’m so close I can feel it, I’m going to-!!!

The vibe and dildo are yanked away, and I’m left panting and empty, so close to the edge, but not quite cumming. It takes a moment to register that i was left on the edge, but I’m quickly struggling desperately against the bonds holding me down, screaming behind the gag and begging to cum. Of course, he can’t understand what I’m asking, and he wouldn’t know that i have already been denying myself orgasm for a few months.

He seems to enjoy my struggling, but he waits until I’ve calmed down considerably before starting up again. He repeats a similar process, and soon I’m left thrashing against my bonds and screaming again. Over and over he brings me to the edge, to let me cool off, and then repeat it all over again. Soon I’m no longer able to scream, my throat sore, and I can only cry and thrash weakly when he leaves me at the edge. Eventually, he tells me I can end this. All I have to do is beg him to fuck me. Admit that I want his cock and he will fuck me and let me cum. Earlier in the night, when we were chatting over drinks, I told him that i dont like guys, and I don’t like sex with men. I begged him to fuck me anyways, at this point I had been teased for an hour and a half straight, not counting the time with the feather. My pussy was drooling all over the bed, my sheets were soaked at this point. I needed to cum, it had been months since I had let myself and all I could think about was him fucking me and letting me cum and I absolutely fucking needed It. I begged and pleaded, and I thought he would fuck me because I did what he asked. But he hummed and starting fucking me with the dildo again, the vibe against my clit. He pretended to be surprised, and I knew then it didn’t matter how much I begged, because he was going to do what he wanted with me, as he claimed that I was still protesting to not wanting his dick and maybe another hour would change my mind.

I usually don’t make it that far in my fantasy, or if I do I’m a few edges in. Honestly, It’s something that turns me on so fucking much, as I imagine being teased for hours like this before he fucks me enough for him to cum and then leaves me there while he leaves. Eventually he comes back with a chastity belt and traps me in it before releasing my hands and legs, taking the blindfold and gag off. I beg to cum, but he tells me no, and I admit to not having cum in months. And instead of him granting me with an orgasm like I hope, he is just pleased and tells me it will be even longer than that before I do get to cum again. My pussy is now his. 

Ugh, I’m so fucking horny just writing all of this, holy shit!!! 

Well wow. And there, ladies and gentleman, we have the difference between men and women fantasising. With guys it’s mostly – there’s a naked chick, and I fuck her! Or even more creative – there’s two girls, I fuck them both! woo hoo!

This is also explains the why the plot of most porn is so bad when written by men.

I love it @learningtostop, thank you! You’ve got quite the writing talent there, good work!

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