272 days, that’s amazing, very impressive indeed! And with 11 edges a day that’s 2,992 edges since you last came and counting!

So I do wonder just how lucky 11 is for you. Let’s find out!

At 365 days you’re to get 11 coins. Flip each one, and if you get 11 heads in a row you may cum. Just to let you know, the chances of that happening are very, very small, no matter how lucky the number is. (0.00049% I believe.)

For each tail you get you have to stop, ruin an orgasm, and then continue flipping the coins until you’ve done all 11.

You then have to wait 10 days of usual edging and then you get to flip 10 coins, and if they are all heads, you cum, otherwise nothing (no ruins, that was just the first time). If your boyfriend would like to add variations like you have to suck him off for each tails or you get a hard spanking or lose an item of clothing those can all work as the game progresses.

Continue, 9 days 9 coins, 8 days 8 coins etc. Until either you get all heads or you get to one last coin.

With that final coin it’s heads you may cum, tails nothing and it’ll be another year before you get to play again.

Good girl.


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