There really is! – lots of arousal gels and balms there on Lovehoney

Also this

What’s a good arousal gel, or cream? I want to put some on in the morning and then go to work with it making me throb.

We’ve used the Bombshell balm, which was okay, but not very strong. Have a look at the other reviews on there for more advice.

As for numbing cream, I’ve not used it but I’ve had this stuff recommended, it’s designed to stop having a Brazilian wax hurting, the brilliantly named 

No Scream Cream

It’s 20% Benzocaine which is gooood stuff. I’ve heard others use Oragel which also has Benzocaine in it, but not as much and also menthol, so that’s gonna be interesting before the numbing kicks in… Also, no scream cream is obviously designed to be put on your lady bits, oragel not so much.

Any tips my little denial sluts, send ‘em in

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