No, all of you need it.

Okay, not true, there are some that are my favourites, and quite a diverse list it is now you make me think about it.

First I love anyone new to masturbation at all. For them to just be discovering how amazing it can all feel and right away get addicted to denial is so hot and fucked up and I know it’ll affect how they feel about themselves and sex the rest of their lives (in a very positive, exploratory way).

At the other end of the spectrum, and far rarer, is when I’ve got a domme into denial. It takes a bit of convincing but enticing an experienced, dominant woman into trying denial and then her being amazed at how good it makes her feel is truly delightful, and usually hilarious in how she takes out her new horniness and frustration on any poor subs she has – so much fun.

A third favourite is the bored housewife. Seeing the transformation as she discovers just how good it feels to be horny and controlled is like unleashing a completely new injection of life into them. And as hokey as this sounds, I love getting them to direct that new passion to their often astonished partners and seeing their sex life and relationship similarly renewed because of it.

I’ve had letters of thanks in terms of what it’s done to revive relationships that have honestly made me tear up before now. So great.

Orgasm denial, making the world a better place, one edge at a time.

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