And it continued…

Anyway, I did fairly decently, for my first attempt. Does my self control, in others areas of my life, play a part in that? – But since it was only a little test/challenge for me, I did end up letting myself go over, and orgasm. *cusps hands to mouth* I guess I’m confident, in that respect, that I would be able to do it for a longer period of time, in the (near?) future. But, who knows. I did only hold if for a minute, anyways.

And then…

P.S. The release I had from the orgasm… It was pretty intense. -Ahh (These blogs are pure evil.) Haha. You have really opened me up.. I’ve always had fantasies about being dominated.. Not connected it, in sexual terms. My calling? Anyway, just thought I would share. 🙂

So, what was the question again?

Oh right, snapping a rubber band on your arm to stop you cumming.

I have no idea.

PS If there was something else in there I was meant to answer, try messaging me, it might be quicker. And just stopping tends to work pretty well with stopping, otherwise a quick smack on the pussy or thigh is probably more natural than a band snap, but heck, try it and let me know (answers in less than 20 words)

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