That could mean a couple of things. Firstly if you can’t orgasm (anorgasmia) then not being able to even get to the edge is a common part of that.

In my recent Orgasm Denial Survey these were the results for how many had been able to orgasm:

So of about 1,100 respondents, there were 30 who were sure they’d never had an orgasm, that’s small but significant, especially when you’re one of them!

The simplistic steps to getting past this are tense, relax and vibrate

  1. learn to tense your body and use your breathing to keep up a constant ‘pressure’ – it’s not a case of ‘lie back and relax
  2. learn to think less and relax your mind as you pleasure yourself (part of why fantasies are helpful)
  3. get a good vibrator as it will make it so much more likely you can cum and less stressful than feeling you have to do all the work

WebMD agrees with me apparently, read more about it there.

It’s not always that simple, but it’s a really good start. 

Although of course… maybe it’s better if you don’t, maybe you’re just meant to be horny and never be able to do anything about it… maybe you’re just, a natural.

If you think so, here’s another blog I created with a friend, just for you

Start with these that I wrote perhaps:

I hope that helps. one way or another. And remember, the last girl who came to me asking for help to orgasm, I did, easily. In fact she came three times, clitorally, g-spot, and then combined.

That was two months ago. She hasn’t been allowed to cum since.

So maybe it’s better you never taste it, you won’t know what you’re missing…

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