I assume you mean a chastity belt. It isn’t supposed to be, that’s the difference between denial and chastity, you aren’t supposed to have any access in the latter. But, yeah, sure it is.

You can press on a powerful wand vibe and get the vibrations through the belt for starters.

Some women find that being denied access to their clit makes their breasts much more sensitive, and so playing with your breasts and nipples extensively, especially the way it makes you even hornier, can get you close to an edge. Nipplegasms are even a thing.

Also, depending what arouses you and what access the belt gives you, you’ll have one or two holes you can fuck. You should be doing that, a lot. Read up on ‘anal only’ as a thing and if that turns you on, you way well find you can edge just with fantasy and ass fucking.

Speaking of which, some women can edge from JUST fantasy. Explore some good hypno tapes and videos, see where that takes you.

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