Very normal. For denial sluts who read this blog it’s probably lower than average, four or five is common. Some women don’t masturbate at all, others do it lots. It’s all normal. Three is above average but still good.

The question with anything like this is does it detract from the rest of your life. Is it stopping you achieving the things you should be, studies, work or relationships? If it does, cut back a bit.

But if not, stop worrying and enjoy it! No guilt, do it and love it!.

Do it three times a day, do it more! And of course, I would say this, try to do it without cumming, enjoy just how horny edging makes you, make two of them edges, and the last one you cum, and then, a day or just edging, then two, then… longer. And just to mix it up, and show you’re in charge, try a day of no touching! If you can manage that, you’re golden!

Masturbation is good for you, it makes you feel good, it teaches you what your body is capable of, and if you explore denial, it teaches you self control too.

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