It’s a great idea, just don’t double dip! And by that I mean, use separate hands for playing front and back, and wash them well afterwards. If you play through panties that’s less of an issue of course.

Anal play is one of those things I wish more women would explore as it’s incredibly pleasurable and also has a built in ‘naughty’ factor that always makes it exciting.

Both Diva and Snowflake were not happy at all about the idea of anal play, they both now beg to be allowed to, and adore being plugged.

What can I say, it’s fine not to like it but if you’ve never tried it, I really encourage you to. And the really really easy way to do that is try in the shower or bath, it’s the perfect location, all clean and soapy anyway, play with your clit and just try rubbing your bottom with your other hand at the same time.

Try just your nail lightly over it too, amazing.

You don’t need to be sticking anything in it, MOST of the pleasure is from playing at the entrance, that’s where the pleasure nerve endings are. But there’s a distinct different pleasure in being penetrated there too (lots of girls really do learn to love being fucked in the ass, it’s not just porn, I promise) so if you fancy pushing a soapy finger in there in the shower, then go for it. It’s your body, learn what you like!

Stop cumming though, or I’ll put you on ‘anal only’. Good girl.

Actually being licked there is beyond mind blowing, but get to know your own first…

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