Instructions for Denial Sluts #2

Shower time!

Whether you shower straight after your morning edge or at some other point in the day, the shower is a great place for a little teasing and denial, plus a bit more if you’re up for it.


If you can walk to the shower naked, then do that. Strip in your room and walk there completely naked. If you can’t then strip, but watch yourself in the bathroom mirror. Imagine you were being watched, let clothes slip off you gracefully, let tshirts catch your breasts on purpose as you pull them off. Just do it thoughtfully – there are thousands of men who would crawl across glass to watch you, yes you, take your clothes off. Don’t take it for granted.


Wherever they came off, fold your clothes up neatly, and once in front of the mirror in the bathroom, look into your own eyes and say, ‘You are beautiful’. 

I know this will be really hard for some of you, and it doesn’t matter if you don’t believe it yet, just say it, or try to. Good girl.

There may be other positive things you want to say to yourself too, do this then!

Get it hot then turn it off

Okay, so next, run the shower to get it up to heat then turn it off. This is the kinky bit, skip it if you want but I really encourage you to try it, and at least do it sometimes.

Step into the now wet shower, with the water turned back off. Stand with your feet shoulder width apart. And pee. Yep, pee. Pee onto the shower or bath you’re in, let it run down your legs, completely empty your bladder.

Okay, why on earth do I want you to do this? I’m not massively into watersports, as sexual pee play is often known. However, there are a few reasons why I think this is really good and I have it as part of a denial routine.

  1. Firstly it’s safe – urine is perfectly fine to let run down your legs (unless you have an open wound, then, skip this!)
  2. It’s sensual – yes, the sensation of it running down your legs is definitely different and makes you very aware of both your genitals where it’s coming from, and your skin as it flows down it or bounces onto it
  3. It’s primal – there is something very raw and primitive about just peeing, where you stand, and fuck convention
  4. It’s liberating – it really is, just try it (you’re about to wash, after all)
  5. It’s not normal! You are doing this not because it makes sense, it’s crazy… but you are doing it to be different, to remind yourself that you’ve chosen to submit your orgasms and more, to not just do what everyone else does but explore what you’re truly capable of.

Turn it on, and get turned on

So now you can turn the water on, wash as you need to, and when you get to washing between your legs be deliberate about soaping up both your hands and rubbing your clit and asshole at the same time. Yes, masturbate yourself front and back, it feels amazing. Don’t spend too long on it, focus on finishing getting clean.

Then when you’re done washing, depending on how much time you have, masturbate more fully, playing with your breasts, clit, pussy and asshole under the water. Use more soap as lube if you want, but be careful of over washing your vagina with soap or you can mess up the pH levels.

If you have a suction cup dildo then this is an amazing point to use it. Silicon lube works great in the shower!

So basically, if you have the time to do another edge here, great, if not, just have a little fun playing and then get out of the shower.

Again, towelling is another opportunity to be sensual. Rub yourself against it when drying, focus on how good the towel feels against your skin, not just between your legs.

And finally if you can, walk back to your room naked, with the towel over your arm or around your hair only. Just… because nakedness is good if you can do it!

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