I applaud your efforts to motivate yourself, however I’ve tried this quite a few times and rarely found it to be very successful. I’m not writing off the idea, but the challenge is that both orgasm denial and weight loss have an ingredient in common, self control. If you don’t have the self control to exercise and change your diet, then you probably aren’t going to have the ability to deny yourself cumming as a motivation either.

However, let’s not be pessimistic, it’s a hot idea worth trying at the very least.

Here’s the regime I’d recommend.

The Denial Exercise Program™

You’re not to focus on your actual weight, instead you are to find a system that works for you and you will be judged on whether you stick to it or not each week. The weight loss and fitness is a benefit of being disciplined and self-controlled, it is not your goal.

If you’re starting out with running, which is usually the most effective, then the Couch to 5k system is a great starting point. If you go to a gym they should have given you a program to follow. Or if you’re using an app or videos then you’ll have those to work through each time.

You’re to edge with fingers only first thing in the morning and last thing at night to give you an elevated arousal to work with.

You’re to browse Tumblr and masturbate for just three minutes before you head off to do any exercise, and you may only have a proper play in the shower afterwards IF YOU HAVE ACHIEVED YOUR GOAL for that session.

You are to eat healthily, three small meals a day. I want you sitting and eating at a table without distractions (google Mindful Eating to understand why). You are to leave at least one mouthful of food on the plate at the end of every meal. 

You are only allowed fruit or vegetables between meals.

You may only weigh yourself once each week, at the same time and day.

At the end of each day if you have kept to your exercise AND eating goals you may use toys and tumblr to edge yourself. If you haven’t kept to them then you may only use fingers and no porn.

Every Sunday, if you have managed to keep to your goals for 6 days out of seven you may have an orgasm. Just one. Three weeks of success and you have a day of free orgasms as a reward.

If you have managed to keep to them for four days out of seven, you may have a ruined orgasm.

If it is less than four days, you are on no touch for 24 hours.

If you go over by accident during the week then you have to set yourself a ‘punishment exercise’ that is REALLY hard work – a hard run, circuit training, etc. You’ll know what works for you. It must be done the next day.

As with any advice, tailor it to your own circumstances and get the advice of a doctor if there are any health issues to take into account.

And if anyone follows this, please message me to let me know how successful you’ve been with it.

The objective is to develop your self-discipline and control. Do that, and you won’t just lose weight, you’ll be much more successful in all your endeavours. And wonderfully, that’s exactly what this glorious kink of orgasm denial teaches you!

Good luck!

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