Oh good, it’s the sexuality definition police back again.

Demisexual pansexual huh. I bet that goes down well at parties. So in non-pretentious language you’re telling me you only want to have sex with someone you feel affection for (admirable, congratulations on being part of the human race) and instead of bi-sexual you’ve wanted to be trendy and say ‘pansexual’ because, well it’s trendy.

I’m afraid you just fell in the Urban Dictionary bear trap my friend. Yes, that’s when a Urban Dictionary definition fits you so accurately you become art imitating life:

Basically someone who is Bi, but due to political correctness Social Justice Warrior bullshit they label themselves/are labeled as “Pan” just so they can be with Transgender people. This is basically saying someone who is Trans is not completely the gender they say they are, which basically contradicts the whole movement that a trans person is 100% the gender they identify as.
Billy is Bi, but since everyone is a politically correct over-sensitive cry baby, he has to identify as a Pansexuality so some tumblr SJWs don’t get offended.


So technically you’re correct. No amount of alcohol will make you bi, because you already are. 

Good work officer. Now give me your gun and your badge, you’re suspended until we sort this shit out.

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