What a great scenario, switching it up is just brilliant if you both are into it. It’s so good to explore the different dynamics of it all, it makes you appreciate the other side of things so much more. 

I do encourage you to not worry too much about taking the ‘dom’ and ‘sub’ roles, but think more in terms of who’s ‘top’ and who’s ‘bottom’. It’s fun to switch even in the midst of time together, especially with denial.

One of the things we love to do is me get tied up and I’ll be teased and denied, which can go two ways, I might slip into begging, but more often it actually makes me more aggressive, and she loves me threatening what I’m going to do to her if I get out, which of course is what she wants, and gets it when she lets me lose – she gets her brains fucked out.

The big advantage in male denial play is you can so easily cage his cock up, which is ridiculously hot. On the rare occasions I deny a guy him having a cock cage to which only I have the combination is a basic prerequisite. 

I’ve had one couple I was training who were BOTH locked up, ahh good times. We played one game where the other person knew their partner’s code for their combination lock,and had to try to persuade them to give it up. But if they did that the rule was the other had to stay locked for at least another week, heh heh.

Even if you just get one for playtimes, cages are so much fun. We’ve got four or five different ones in our toy collection.

As to your actual question, the blog I always recommend is keephimcaged.tumblr.com. Loads of ideas there and also male denial captions you can send him to drive him crazy. 

As for others, your best bet is look at the ones there (she does lots of reblogs) and I’m sure you’ll find lots of other ones too, there are tonnes of male denial and chastity blogs but a few come to mind, http://onlyshecums.tumblr.com/,, http://fairchastity.tumblr.com/ and http://healthysexymarriage.tumblr.com/ is full of great advice (although they don’t post often).

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