Much love back at you, D,

It sounds like you’re trying too hard, that’s often the case for those starting out.

You don’t need to be pushing yourself right to the edge to get the benefits of this. Sure there’s a special kind of experience in learning to ‘ride the edge’ as they call it, that takes you to an almost transcendental pleasure, but that’s not the outcome you’re after.

We simply want you wet and horny for him coming home.

So try these tips:

  1. More, but shorter edges – start your day with a quickie before you get up, or masturbate in the shower, but just enough to start getting all tingly, not enough to even risk cumming.
    Try for four or five quickies like that rather than one or two big ones amd see what works for you
  2. Watch a specific porn video of your choice for some edges – and stop when it stops – that’ll keep you on time
  3. For other edges, fantasies about him, and then, message him to tell him what you’re thinking about and if he’s in on it, that you’re edging to get ready for him later
  4. If you do one big one make it about half an hour before he’s due home, so you are at the peak of your arousal and wetness when he gets back. If it turns you on, try doing it outside the bedroom, in the sitting room or even kneeling by the front door – find what excites you most. See what happens if he finds you kneeling, naked at the front door when he gets home sometime. It might go down so well it becomes a ‘thing’
  5. Mix it up, don’t do this every day, that’ll get boring for both of you. Save it for days you know he’ll have the time and energy to make the most of your efforts. If it works brilliantly then, you can start to do it more.

I hope some of those are helpful, let us know how you get on!


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