Don’t get too mad, Anon, edging and denial is supposed to be about learning to love yourself more, not get angrier.

On a practical level, try for softer edges, that is, not getting so close to orgasm. While it’s not so satisfying in the moment, the build up if you manage a few over a day, and then manage to keep it going for a few days, can be really powerful.

Also, incorporate things that you know won’t make you cum, for many that will be things like:

  • only fucking (dildo or fingers) without clit play
  • humping/grinding your pussy against objects
  • anal and nipple play only (if you’re very ‘orgasmic’ from the other stuff)
  • time limited masturbation – set a timer for just a few minutes and stop as soon as it goes

On a more philosophical level, this is one of the most challenging, but most satisfying aspects of denial. You can actually use it to develop better self-control and discipline, which is such a fundamental part of any truly successful life. So it’s worth persevering.

And as Confucius said:

So don’t get angry, get determined. And keep rising!

Good girl.

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