Probably not. It can, it’ll help distract you, and some women find it’ll give them a boost of happy hormones and brain chemicals that give you an ongoing high, so I’m not saying rule it out. 

But others find that it can accentuate whatever emotions you’re going through, so it could make it worse. So if you do try it, just go easy with it at first until you figure out what effect it has on you.

Ultimately, it’s not going to fix whatever it is that is making you sad, sweetheart. For that you need to take a bit of a step back, think about what makes you happy that you need more of, what makes you sad, that you need less of, and work out a plan how to fix that. Ideally finding someone you trust to talk to about it all too. If you don’t have a friend you feel you can do that with, there are lots of free helplines with wonderful people who’d love to be there to listen.

It’s okay to feel sad sometimes, it’s part of life, but it’s not okay to feel like that all the time. So maybe denial could be a fun distraction that’ll help you get over it as time does its natural healing thing, but it’s better to be brave, be rational, and take control over whatever’s making you sad, and move on to a happier place.

‘Keep on swimming’

I hope that helps,


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