So firstly before we look at your question, let’s just highlight the fact you ‘succumbing to your desires’ was actually you having YOUR FIRST ANAL ONLY ORGASM! (See, I do read the blogs of those who are brave enough to not send things anon).

That is so fucking great! Congratulations.

As to your question, the simple answer is go slow. You really do adjust to it. Feeling horny just becomes the norm, and a positive, happy experience that you carry with you all day long. If the ‘haze’ is becoming a problem, experiment with cumming, either as full orgasms, but also try ruined orgasms, they have varying effects.

Being denied, long term, all the time, isn’t where I expect most of the people trying JuNO or just denial to end up. Sure it’ll become the overriding kink for some and that’s fabulous, but mostly I expect it to become another wonderful, sexy tool in your kinky toolkit, that you can enjoy by yourself, or with partners, and use whenever you need that extra sexy boost that it can give, short or long term.

For us as a couple, while we used it to some degree when we first got together and in the early years of our marriage (it was so good for turning my wife from the sexy but innocent pastor’s kid she was into the no-holds barred slut wife that I knew she had the potential to be), the REAL win for us was using it to revitalise our sex life in the ‘post kids’ era, when we were just exhausted, physically and emotionally from having little kids, and denial, along with some time carved out for romance, date nights and dirty weekends away got our sex life not just back on track but better than ever!

My point is, edging and denial really is a great tool, but it has different uses in different seasons. You don’t buy a hammer because you like hammers, but because you want to achieve something with it, smack in some nails probably. So don’t see it as an end in and of itself, but think about what you want to achieve with it, and use it accordingly. For you, it sounds like just ease off the intensity, cum or ruin some more, and figure out what’s best for you.


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