I know a lot of pets are disappointed and mad at me that
last week I lot control and orgasmed. I try to always have self control and not
to cum but it slipped out while using the shower head.

I know I am not very fun to talk to when this happens. As
many pets have told me I have lost my dormant spark and have been a lot more
submissive with pets. I told pets that this usually lasts a week.

Pets have said its been over a week why am I still acting
like this ? I feel I have to be honest even thought it makes me feel extremely
disappointed in myself.

I have been masturbating daily and been having multiple orgasms
per day. This is why I have not returned to my dominant self. I have slipped
very low using my pillow, the shower head and grinding on my computer chair to experience
sexual release daily.

I always want to be honest with my pets, but I am full of
shame that I have become so weak. I understand if many of you feel that I am
not worthy of following anymore.


This is a fascinating little post from @lovingyouoverher. She’s a domme who enjoys denying guys orgasms, but she also uses denial to keep herself bitchy and dominant. It’s wonderful, and she’s great. (And it’s a brilliant use of denial, it’s not just for subs!).

If she’s reading this, I’d tell her not to worry about it, give herself a good solid week of cumming (and rubbing how good it feels in the face of her followers) and then get back on the denial train to reach new heights. She’ll be all the better for it.

We have more than enough pressures in this world telling us things we should be guilty or ashamed about. Let’s not make denial one of them if we can help it.

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