That’s brilliant! Pretty much exactly what I would have suggested with a couple of amendments. 

Firstly, if you really want a mind fuck, you can fake it. Fake cumming when all you really want is to actually cum. It’s so twisted, and so hot. And you like there, and he’s all happy for making you cum and you are losing your mind but you can’t do anything about it because, you came, right…

You can also get him to deliberately ruin you, but you need to be a good actor. Just as you go over you slip off him or push him back and say you’re suddenly super sensitive. 20 seconds later you will be (if you’re really twisted you can get him to start again and post orgasm torture you without him knowing…)

Secondly, think about telling him at some point. No big hurry to do it, it’s kind of fun doing it in secret too, but try telling him after you’ve been edging HIM for a bit. Us guys are pretty much receptive to anything at that point…

‘So umm, there’s this thing I read that I can’t stop thinking about and is making me really horny?’

‘Oh god that feels good baby, don’t stop… what is it?’

‘It’s this challenge, for women, of edging all month without cumming. The idea makes me so hot.’

‘Really, you, oh god I’m close… really you don’t WANT to cum?’

‘No, I just love the idea of staying like this, all horny, desperate, wet while I make you cum and you just, tease me and use me. Is that hot?’

‘Yeah that does sound hot but I get to cum, right, it’s just you?’

‘Oh yes baby, let me show you, you can read it while I suck your cock…’

It’s not really a hard sell, is it.

Then you can show him something like this, just don’t let him cum till he’s finished reading it, AND agreed to ‘try’ it.

Just, be careful what you wish for… if he likes it I doubt you’ll be allowed to cum while he’s not with you. But then you’d love that, wouldn’t you.

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